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    Image Browse

This function allows the user to Browse available images and view them quickly. This function displays JPEG, BMP, TIFF, DICOM and compressed RadPix Images.

There are two ways to view the images:

  1. Multiple Images Format - This displays a table of images in the window and lets the user scroll through the images.
  2. Cine View - This shows the images one at a time as a movie.

Note that DICOM  images tend to take longer to display, as the pixel data needs to be processed for display. However, if the images were previously compressed, a preview bitmap was placed at the start of the file and this speeds up image previewing tremendously.

Allows the user to browse directories to view images quickly.  DICOM, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP images are all shown.  
  • Click on the grey icon in the top box selects the disk drive, with floppy, hard, and network drives supported.
  • Click on the yellow "folder" icons to move between directories.
  • Click on images to select.  Example: the upper two images were selected.
  • To select more than one image, hold down the control (CTRL) key while clicking on the images.

File Submenu

  •   Select Image(s)
  •   Open - Opens selected image(s)
  •   Export as Powerpoint Slide
    • See Export as Powerpoint Slide Help screen
  •   Delete - Deletes Selected image(s)

Edit Submenu

  •   Copy - Copies image to clipboard for access by other programs (Press control (CTRL) and V to paste image into other programs.
  •   Select All Images - Select all images
  •    Properties

Image Browse Properties Dialog


  • Display Type
    • Select either Multiple Images or Cine
  • Settings
    • Stretch Small Images
    • Use Halftone Stretch
    • Show Unknown Images
      • Attempt to display all files - Runs slower
  • Table Image Display
    • Select number of Rows and Columns
  • Cine View Parameters
    • Select Pause between frames in milliseconds
  • Display Background
    • Select color of background for Multiple Image Display or Cine
    • Default Black is recommended

View Submenu

  • Select Multiple Image Display or Cine

Multiple Image Display

Left click to select images and a magenta box will surround the image. Left click again to de-select it. Hold down the control key to select multiple images.
  • Icons (left to right)
    •   Open Selected File
    •    Export Open Files as Powerpoint Slides
    •   Delete Selected File
    •    Copy to Clipboard
    •   Select All
    •   Exit Browse Images

Cine Viewing

The arrowhead icons (left to right)
    •   Play Images as Movie
    •   Play Images as Movie Forever
    •   Stop Playing Movie
    •   First Image
    •   Previous Image
    •   Next Image
    •   Last Image

Close Submenu

  • Exit Browse Images

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